Why have a Personalised Women’s Checkup? | Health Screening

By: Osler Health International
Posted on: 17 Mar 2023

Women’s Health Checks: Variations and Purposes

Women and girls have unique health requirements, which require holistic care to enable them to remain healthy and live well. Health checkups are a great way to review both your current health and protect your future health. While it’s good for everybody to get regular health checks, it is additionally important that women go for them regularly as there are a number of conditions which are pertinent to women only. Regular checkups are essential for early detection and prevention of any potential health risks. 

Women-specific health checks tend to cover breast and cervical cancer screenings, ensuring hormonal balance (depending upon age), checking heart health, cholesterol levels and other indicators of cardiovascular health. Health screenings are also an ideal time to talk to experts about your diet or lifestyle in order to make any necessary changes in the pursuit of good overall health. 

There are many variations when it comes to women’s health checks, and all checks are reliant on the age and family history of the individual. Let’s dive in and discuss some of the screenings available today. 

Why health screenings are important for women

Health checkups are an essential part of preventive healthcare for women. Not only do they provide invaluable insight into a woman’s physical health, but they also allow her to discuss any symptoms or concerns that may not be evident from a routine exam. Health screenings not only provide warning signs for medical conditions that may need further attention, but can also offer advice and prescriptions for preventative care. 

At Osler Health, we use health screenings as an opportunity to discuss both your mental and physical health. We believe in getting to know our patients and value a trusted relationship in delivery of our healthcare. Ultimately, health checkups offer women the chance to stay informed on their current health status while giving them peace of mind that their well-being is being taken seriously by healthcare professionals.

Essential health screenings for women

1. Mammogram

A mammogram is an X-ray that can detect breast cancer in its earliest stages. It’s recommended that women aged 40-49 get a mammogram every two years, and women over 50 should have one annually. If you have a family history of breast cancer, or if you’ve had any abnormalities detected during a physical exam, then your doctor may suggest more frequent testing intervals. 

2. Pap Smears

Pap smears are tests used to detect changes in the cells of the cervix—the lower part of the uterus that opens into the vagina. These tests help identify abnormal cell activity that could lead to cervical cancer if left untreated. The frequency of these tests will vary depending on age, but typically women between 21-65 should have a pap smear every three years. 

3. Skin Tests

Skin tests are a big part of detecting signs of skin cancer and other skin diseases such as melanoma or psoriasis. Depending on your age, lifestyle habits (i.e., sun exposure), and family history, your doctor may recommend yearly skin checks or more frequent ones if needed. 

4. Mental Health Checks

Mental health is just as pertinent as physical health! Women are more likely to be affected by depression, anxiety, psychological distress, sexual violence and domestic abuse.  Women may put others first, but it is important that women practise self-care and a health checkup is a good time to raise any concerns. All our doctors are experienced in caring for those with mental health concerns. 

Schedule regular health screenings in Singapore at Osler Health

Women’s health is an incredibly important topic—and one that should not be taken lightly. Maintaining our health and taking preventive measures through regular checkups helps ensure our long-term well-being so we can live the best lives possible. At Osler Health we can provide customised full body health checkups for women  and each screening is personalised, based upon  age, lifestyle habits and family history information. Taking charge of our own wellbeing starts with understanding what type of screenings we need and how often they should be performed in order to stay healthy and protect ourselves against any potential risks.

Osler Health in Singapore offers personalised health screenings for women based on their individual needs and health history. These checkups consist of a full review of your medical history, family medical history, summary report and recommendations, and follow-up of all results. Some of the women’s health screening packages at Osler can include complete physical examination including breast and gynaecological exam, cardiovascular risk screening, and cervical and breast cancer screening. Taking up a customised health screening package is also useful before family planning and contraceptive device fitting, as well as regular mental health check ins, shared antenatal care and postnatal care, and for menopausal health.

Osler Health takes a personalised approach towards healthcare and health checkups so that our experienced doctors continue to provide quality service and care according to what an individual will need, and their age and health history, instead of having patients pay for tests and procedures they do not need. Get in touch to find out more about our personalised health screenings and book your checkup at our clinics.

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