Women’s health clinic

Our approach to women’s health

Our approach to women’s health

We believe that women deserve to have healthcare designed for them. We aim to provide a holistic experience, getting to know you to ensure you can take ownership of your health. As part of our women’s health clinic service, we cater to females of any age, and our consultations are adapted to the needs of each patient.

We see teenagers, women wanting to conceive, pregnant mums, new mums, women planning their families, menopausal women, and every stage in between. We feel strongly that patients deserve a premium, safe, ethical and confidential clinic for women’s health based here in Singapore.

Depending upon your preference, we have both female doctors and male doctors. What unites them all is their medical experience and kindness.

Women’s sexual health clinic in Singapore

Women’s sexual health clinic in Singapore

At Osler Health, we recognise that treating women’s healthcare concerns can be complex and multilayered, particularly when dealing with sexual health concerns.

We understand that sexual health is a deeply personal and private matter, and our commitment is to provide a safe space where concerns are addressed without judgement. Our team possesses the knowledge and sensitivity to address a wide range of common sexual health issues, from treating and screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) to treating painful sexual intercourse to vaginal infections to difficulties with sex.

Whether it’s guidance on contraception options, managing symptoms of infections, or discussing other concerns that may be affecting your sexual well-being, our team offers comprehensive care founded on compassion. Our clinical approach is not just about treating conditions, but empowering women with knowledge and support to make informed decisions about their sexual health.

Private women’s health services

We provide care tailored to your needs – whether you’re looking to speak to a doctor about contraceptionHormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) or are seeking full body checkups for ladies. We offer various services at our private clinics, including women’s health screenings, gynaecological check-ups, sexual health, menopause and contraceptive services. As we believe mental health is as important as physical health, we also provide support for women’s mental health.

As a full-service women’s health clinic, we can provide well-women’s health screenings, routine gynaecological health checks, family planning, contraceptive device fitting (IUD / IUCD / Implanon), reproductive health, shared antenatal care, menopausal health, mental health, sports injuries, adolescent medicine, sexual health and STD screenings.

Our doctors have practised in Singapore for many years therefore we have a network of trusted allied health partners, which we may refer to as and when needed. Our team is experienced in co-partnering in appropriate healthcare plans with these trusted professionals.

  • Contraception & birth control
  • Emergency contraception
  • IntraUterine Device (IUD)
  • Fertility screening
  • Preconception screening
  • Period & menstrual issues
  • Vaginal infections
  • Vaginal lumps and bumps
  • Bacterial vaginosis
  • Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)
  • Bleeding after sex
  • Cervical cancer vaccination (HPV)
  • Pap smear
  • Breast screening
  • Multi-cancer detection  tests
  • Skin screening
Women’s healthcare services for expats

Women’s healthcare services for expats

If you are an expatriate woman in Singapore, you may be keen to find clinics or a doctor who also understands the journey of being an expat and stays abreast of current health recommendations from abroad.

We have doctors that trained and worked in the United Kingdom,Singapore, Australia and Austria. We can follow the vaccination schedule or health advice from your home country, if this is required. If you are not sure which doctor may be the best fit for you, we suggest you ask friends or have a look at our Google Reviews.

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Our doctors are trained in the UK, Austria, Singapore and Australia. No matter what kind of women’s health challenge you’re experiencing, our dedicated health clinic offers appropriate care. If you are looking for a women’s clinic, you can find Osler Health clinics in both the CBD and in the West. We have  Raffles Hotel Arcade (in the CBD) and The Star Vista (near Holland Village), Singapore.

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Frequently asked questions about women’s health clinics in Singapore

At Osler Health, our women’s health clinic provides treatment for females at all stages of life, including teenagers, women wanting to conceive, pregnant mums, new mums, women planning their families, women entering perimenopause and those experiencing menopausal symptoms. We also have female and male doctors, depending on your personal requirements.

Osler Health’s women’s health clinic in Singapore offers a variety of medical services relevant to women, ranging from sexual to reproductive health concerns. We also recognise that women’s health goes beyond these fields, which is why we provide general physical and mental health services while keeping the unique needs of our women patients in mind. Our women’s health services include:

  • Women’s health screenings
  • Routine gynaecological check-ups
  • Family planning
  • Contraceptive advice and device fitting
  • Reproductive health
  • Shared antenatal care
  • Menopausal health
  • Mental health
  • Sexual health
  • STD screening
  • Lifestyle Medicine

Yes, you may request to see your preferred women’s health doctor through our online booking form. At Osler Health, we have both male and female doctors on our experienced clinic team. Alternatively, you can discuss what you are looking for with our Reception team, and they can guide you to a doctor who best fits your needs. Click here to find out more about our team of internationally trained doctors.

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