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Women’s health clinic

Our approach to women’s health

Our approach to women’s health

We believe that women deserve to have healthcare explicitly designed for them. We aim to provide a holistic experience, support at every step, and ensure you can take ownership of your health. As part of our women’s health clinic service, we treat females of any age, and our consultations are adapted to the needs of each patient.

We see teenagers, women wanting to conceive, pregnant mums, new mums, women planning their family, menopausal women, and every stage in between. We feel strongly that patients deserve a safe, ethical and confidential clinic for women’s health.

Depending upon your preference, we have both female doctors and male doctors. What unites them all is their excellent medical experience and kindness.

Women’s health clinic - services

We offer various services, including women’s health screenings, gynaecological check-ups, sexual health, menopause and contraceptive services. As we believe in holistic healthcare, we also provide support for women’s mental health. The following is an overview of our services: well-women’s health screening, routine gynaecological health checks, family planning, contraceptive device fitting (IUD / IUCD / Implanon), reproductive health, shared antenatal care, menopausal health, mental health, sports injuries, sexual health / STD screening

As our doctors have practised in Singapore for many years, we have a network of trusted partner specialists which we may refer to as needed. Our clinic is experienced in co-partnering healthcare treatment plans with these dependable professionals.

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No matter what kind of women’s issue you’re experiencing, our dedicated health clinic offers appropriate care for any situation. From teen health to general women’s health screenings, our personalised women’s health check-ups always suit the needs of our patients.

We have both male and female doctors. For more information on our doctors, please see here.

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