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Being a teenager can be hard. Adolescence is a time of huge physical, social and emotional upheaval. Teenagers spend these turbulent years developing their personal identity and determining their future aspirations. They will  have their first taste of independence and may want to spend more time away from family, to socialise with their friends. While they bear these enormous changes, teenagers are also being shaped by numerous external challenges like peer pressure, media influence and unrelenting academic-related stress.

Physical Health

Physical Health

Every teenager experiences puberty differently. They may get a growth spurt earlier or later than their peers. Developing secondary sexual characteristics mean that teens will experience drastic differences in changes to their body shapes, down to fat distribution and musculature. This can be quite overwhelming and may lead to body image issues, which can further develop into eating disorders. 

At Osler Health, our doctors are highly experienced in dealing with the unique challenges of adolescent and teenage medicine. Our patients may choose to see a male or female doctor and all consultations are strictly confidential. 

Mental Health

Good social and emotional habits are key for mental wellbeing. Building strong relationships with friends and family, as well as acquiring the right coping, social and problem-solving skills can help teenagers blossom. Although learning and upkeeping these skills may not be easy, they are critical for weathering adversity and life’s many uncertainties.

Are you a teenager who is looking for mental health support? Or are you perhaps a parent who senses that their child may need some support? Our compassionate doctors at Osler Health are ready to help. Do have a chat with our reception staff or send us an email so we can advise which doctor may be the best fit for you.

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You may visit us at our Raffles Hotel Arcade branch which is located in the Central Business District. You may also choose to visit our Star Vista branch, which is next door to Tanglin Trust School, the United World College Of South East Asia and Dover Court. We offer all our patients complete confidentiality and a safe space to air their concerns. Our expert team of doctors, who  have been caring for the adolescent youth of Singapore for many years,  are ready to help.

Not sure where to begin? Find out how to contact us here or simply give our friendly reception team a call and they’ll be happy to assist! You are not alone!

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