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Teen Health

Adolescence is a time of huge change, physically, emotionally and socially. Teenagers are developing their own sense of identity and self, which is influenced by their friends. It is normal, and necessary, for teenagers to develop their independence and own ideas of where they fit into the world. 

Can you remember what being a teenager is like? It is a challenging time, and it is worth noting that although some factors are the same from your youth, much has changed too (social media, pornography, dating apps, educational pressures and a changing world order post pandemic). 

Physical Health

Physical Health

A teenagers body is changing rapidly in every sense. Puberty typically starts at 10-11 years for girls and 11-13 years for boys. It can be earlier or later. In puberty children get taller, heavier and stronger. There is also changes in children’s sexual organs, brains, hair, teeth and sweat glands. It’s a time of immense upheaval. 

Our doctors are experienced in caring for teenager’s physical changes, queries and challenges. Your teen may choose to see a male or female doctor and any consultation will be managed in confidentiality. 

Mental Health

Mental health is a way of describing social and emotional wellbeing. Teenagers need positive mental health to develop in a healthy way, build strong relationships, adapt to change and deal with life’s challenges. Pre-teens and teenagers who have good mental health may; feel happier and more positive about themselves and enjoy life, bounce back from upsets and disappointments, have healthier relationships with family and friends, do physical activity and eat a healthy diet, get involved in activities, have a sense of achievement, can relax and get a good night’s sleep and feel like they belong to their communities.

Adolescence can be a risky period for mental health problems because teenagers are going through many changes and challenges in a short period of time. This all happens while teen brain are still maturing.

If you think your child may benefit from talking to a compassionate doctor please contact us. As a parent, you may wish to speak to us first and explain your concerns. We can work together to offer help and support for your child. 

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Contact Us

We have two clinics – Raffles Hotel Arcade (in CBD next to Raffles Hotel) and Star Vista (next door to Tanglin Trust School, UWCSEA, Dover Court). We have kind doctors who are very experienced in teenagers and will offer a warm and confidential ‘safe space’ to talk. If you do not know our Doctor team yet, please call the reception team and they can guide you as to whom may be the best fit.

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