What is Telemedicine?

What is Telemedicine?

We are delighted to offer patients medical care through telemedicine or ‘teleconsultations’. Teleconsultations are consultations with doctors via the internet. This can be arranged through your mobile phone, tablet, or computer, depending on where you are located and what is convenient.

As we offer a more personalised service, we will ensure we get to know you and provide the same quality of medical care you would receive in the clinic. Patients may choose telemedicine if they feel too unwell to attend the clinic, have small children, are too busy at work, travelling, serving quarantine, serving stay-home notices, or just need a repeat prescription. There are many reasons, and we can arrange an online medical consultation at your convenience.

Online medical consultations

In Singapore, telemedicine services have quickly grown in popularity as online consultations provide a range of benefits for patients. We see telemedicine as an extension of the quality in-person consultations and offer the same time, care, and expertise with the very same Doctors you would see if you came to the clinic. We do not ‘outsource, so you can see the Doctors that know you and your medical history. Teleconsultations are also available for children when an adult accompanies them.

Contact us

If you wish to arrange an online medical consultation, please visit our Appointments page. You can choose Telemedicine from the drop-down options under ‘Clinic’. Alternatively, please call the clinic directly (Raffles Hotel Arcade or Star Vista) to arrange directly with our clinic team.

If you are not sure whom to arrange a Teleconsultation with, you may wish to see our Doctors bio’s here or call the clinic, and they can advise which doctor may suit your needs best.

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