Telemedicine in Singapore

What is telemedicine?

What is telemedicine?

Telemedicine, also known as ‘teleconsultations’, refers to the practice of providing medical care and consultation online through digital platforms. This approach supports patients in their consultation with healthcare professionals over the Internet, utilising gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, or computers for communication. Designed to offer convenience and accessibility, telemedicine allows individuals to seek medical advice, diagnosis, and other comprehensive healthcare services regardless of their geographical location or scheduling constraints.

Telemedicine is also tailored to cater to a variety of patient needs and situations. It can be particularly helpful for those unable to visit a medical facility due to illness, caregiving responsibilities, work commitments, travel, quarantine obligations, or the simple need for a prescription refill. This service aims to replicate the personalised and comprehensive care experienced during in-clinic visits, emphasising the importance of maintaining a continuous patient-doctor relationship. By offering teleconsultations, healthcare providers can ensure that patients receive timely medical attention in a manner that suits their lifestyle, supporting individuals through their journey toward wellness by enabling access to quality healthcare services.

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As mentioned, telemedicine in Singapore hints at a shift towards accessible and convenient healthcare services, leveraging online communication technologies to facilitate remote medical consultations. This approach allows patients to connect with licensed healthcare providers virtually, ensuring seamless communication and quality of care without the need for physical presence in a healthcare facility. It could encompass video or audio calls, messaging platforms, and mobile applications, making healthcare accessible.

One of the possible benefits of telemedicine is its potential to aid with the quality of patient care. Fostering collaboration among primary care doctors and experienced doctors known for their professional understanding of certain medical issues, this effort could be crucial in managing complex conditions and ensuring patients receive care tailored to their specific needs. The feasible integration of electronic health records into telemedicine platforms further supports this effort, allowing for a centralised repository of patient information that could lead to more informed treatment decisions and personalised care plans.

Telemedicine is also worth considering for routine medical consultations, chronic disease management, support from mental health doctors, and post-procedure follow-ups. It offers a practical alternative for non-emergency situations where in-person visits to the doctor might not be necessary, feasible, or convenient. For those managing chronic conditions, telemedicine can act as a potential conduit to maintain regular contact with healthcare providers, ensuring consistent monitoring and adjustments to treatment as needed. Mental health patients could also benefit from the privacy and comfort online medical consultations offer.

At international health clinics like Osler Health, telemedicine is viewed as an extension of traditional healthcare services, maintaining a level of personalised care patients would receive during an in-person visit. The approach ensures that patients are seen by doctors familiar with their medical history, regardless of the consultation method. This continuity in care is critical for the proper management of the condition at hand.

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Telemedicine is recognised as a complement to traditional in-person consultations, maintaining a comparable level of dedication, care, and expertise. As such, patients engaging in telemedicine can expect to interact with the same healthcare professionals familiar with their medical histories, ensuring continuity and personalisation of care. This approach reinforces the commitment to providing quality medical attention without the need for physical clinic visits.

The provision of telemedicine services extends to paediatric care, with children eligible for online medical consultations when accompanied by an adult, facilitating accessible healthcare for all family members.

Accessibility of online medical consultations:

Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:30pm

Saturday: 8:30am – 1:00pm

Closed Sundays & Public Holidays

Scheduling your teleconsultation appointment

Whether it’s for general health inquiries, chronic disease management, mental health support, or follow-up sessions, teleconsultations provide a secure and convenient platform to access professional healthcare services.

To accommodate your healthcare needs efficiently, schedule a teleconsultation at a date and time that suits your schedule. Additionally, you have the flexibility to choose your preferred doctor, ensuring personalised care tailored to your needs. Also, be sure to state the reason for the visit when booking your appointment.

Schedule your teleconsultation today and take a step towards comprehensive healthcare tailored to your needs.

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Frequently asked questions about telemedicine

Yes, telemedicine in Singapore is subject to regulation under the Healthcare Services Act (HCSA), which adopts a risk-based approach to the oversight of healthcare services. This regulation specifically pertains to direct teleconsultations led by doctors, enabling patients to receive medical consultations online without an in-person visit through various digital mediums such as applications, video calls, phone calls, or text messages.

Yes, during a telemedicine consultation, it’s possible to receive a prescription from the consulting doctor. Following a comprehensive assessment, if medication is deemed necessary for treatment, a prescription can be issued. This service ensures that patients have seamless access to required medications without the need for an in-person visit. Furthermore, for existing patients, repeat prescriptions for certain medications can also be facilitated through telemedicine consultations, complemented by in-clinic dispensing services to simplify the process of obtaining prescribed treatments.

Following a telemedicine consultation and prescription issuance, Osler Health coordinates the delivery of necessary medications to your home or office.

In Singapore, the coverage of telemedicine services by insurance policies can vary. However, Osler Health collaborates with various global health insurance companies, facilitating direct billing arrangements for telemedicine services. This arrangement simplifies the process for patients, eliminating the need for immediate payment at the time of each doctor’s visit. Patients are also advised to verify with their individual insurance provider to gain clarity on the coverage specifics pertaining to telemedicine consultations.

To safeguard patients’ personal health information, measures are in place, including storing data on secure, locally hosted servers with remote backup systems that adhere to industry standards. Comprehensive security protocols are also implemented to shield personal data from unauthorised access, alteration, loss, or disclosure. These stringent safeguards are designed to maintain the integrity and confidentiality of patient information throughout the telemedicine consultation process.

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