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Women's Health Screenings

Women’s Health Screening’s with Osler Health Singapore

Women’s Health Screening’s with Osler Health Singapore

With so much information aimed at women around health, body care, and general wellbeing, it is difficult to know if you are doing everything you can to stay healthy. A specialised women’s health screening with Osler Health Singapore can help you identify problems and give you a better understanding of where you are standing in terms of your health.

Having a full medical gives you the chance to see exactly what’s going on in your body and how you can continue to stay healthy or improve your health journey.

Well-woman Health Screenings

Well-woman Health Screenings

  • Review of your full medical history including personal and family history
  • Complete physical examination including breast and gynaecological exam
  • Cardiovascular risk screening
  • Cancer screening – cervical cancer screening, breast screening
  • Laboratory and /or radiological investigations
  • Review of immunization status and records
  • Follow-up of all results with the doctor in person, by email or phone call
  • Summary report and recommendations
Gynaecological health checks

Gynaecological health checks

Women often think they need to see a gynaecologist for many of the routine gynaecological procedures and tests. It can be more convenient and more cost effective to see your GP. Our doctors can assist with the following routine gynaecological tests:

  • PAP tests for cervical cancer screening
  • HPV tests
  • Sexual health/STI – a sexual health check includes examination and testing for sexually transmitted infections (STI) as well as addressing concerns over sexual health.

Female Health Screening packages

Family planning

Whether you are planning for a baby or contraception advice, your GP should be the first port-of-call. Our doctors do prenatal assessments, fertility checks and give advice to keep you in optimal health before you try for a pregnancy.

Our doctors will assess and advise suitable options for both regular and emergency contraception, and fill prescriptions for various oral contraceptive pills. 

Contraceptive device fitting

Procedures for the insertion of contraceptive devices such as the Mirena contraceptive devices (IUCD), and their removal, are done by trained doctors in the clinic. Contraceptive implants that are placed under the skin (Implanon) are also available.

Mental health

Mental well-being is overall health and well-being. If you feel stressed or burnt out, anxious, not sleeping and /or feel low, your GP should be your first port-of-call. If you have a history of anxiety disorder, depression or other mental health issues, our doctors can provide the follow-up care, prescribe the appropriate medications when needed or work with counselling and/or psychiatry services where necessary.

Shared antenatal care and postnatal care

Once a woman discovers she is pregnant, she can see any of our doctors for advice on next steps, tests and referrals. Most pregnant women see an obstetrician for pregnancy (antenatal) care in Singapore. After delivery, women can come to us for postpartum checks and breastfeeding advice.

Menopausal health

The perimenopause and menopause are associated with a myriad of changes in the body. It is known that most women will experience some symptoms. A menopausal health assessment allows women to consult their doctor and seek advice on how to manage these changes. 

 Personalised Health Screenings

Personalised Health Screenings

Providing a personal approach enables us to provide a quality service. Everyone has different health histories and needs. That is why we do not subscribe to an ‘off the shelf’ approach which can lead to patients paying for tests and procedures they simply do not need. We offer customised Well-Woman health screenings which are pertinent to you, based on your age and health history.

Book your specialised Women’s Health Screening today

Book your specialised Women’s Health Screening today

If you think it is time for your women’s health screening and you wish to adopt a more customized approach, please contact us.

Our  Reception team will happily support you and the family in your health and well-being needs.

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