Men's Health Screening Singapore - Men's Health Check Up

Health Check-Up For Males

Men's Health Screening in Singapore

Men's Health Screening in Singapore

It is important for males to go for full body check-ups annually to protect their current and future health. Whether you need a routine physical health assessment, a sexually transmitted disease (STD) check-up, or you wish to discuss your mental health, we have doctors who can provide you with the right advice and treatment plan.

The sooner health issues are identified, the better the overall health outcome. Reach out to us for enquiries about men’s annual health check-ups now!

What does having a ‘Men's Physical Check-Up’ involve?

What does having a ‘Men's Physical Check-Up’ involve?

We will provide you with a personalised health screening based on your age, health history and individual requirements. Our ethical code of conduct means you can be assured that we will never recommend tests and procedures you do not need.

The doctors will also take the time to explain any recommendations (including associated costs) so you are always in control. Consider consulting our doctors for your yearly men’s check-up today to be assured that you continue to protect your health.

Men’s Wellness check-ups in Singapore

Men’s Wellness check-ups in Singapore

  • Overall Health assessments*
  • Mental Health
  • Sexual health / STD screenings
  • Sports injuries
  • Prostate checks

Perhaps you are contemplating going for your screening in the near future. But maybe you are wondering, “Will it be awkward for me to talk to a female doctor?” Don’t worry, because we have experienced male and female doctors who can conduct your screening, based upon your needs. Our team comprises prostrate doctors, sexual & mental health doctors and more. When you email in to secure your appointment you can choose a male or female doctor who can help you in your area of need.

Does not include testosterone check-ups*

Trust us with your health today

You can trust us to provide you with measured, clear medical advice according to your health needs. If you wish to make a booking for a full men’s health check-up, please contact our Singapore team or book an appointment today.

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