Medicine Dispensing Service - In Office Dispensing

Onsite Medication Dispensing Service

At Osler Health, we are delighted to offer our patients in-office dispensing services to make your doctor’s trip even simpler. At the end of your consultation, the doctor may prescribe medication or items to relieve symptoms. We have a team of trained nurses who can dispense before you leave. We stock a comprehensive range of medications and vaccines for your convenience.

When it is time to refill your prescriptions, you may not always have the time to come into the clinic. It is with this in mind that Osler Health offers repeat prescription services for certain medication for our existing patients. These may be in-situ or via a dispensing medication tele-medicine consultation.

With this system, you can receive your medication on-site and enjoy:

  • Improved treatment timeliness
  • Patient convenience
  • Enhanced privacy


Once the nurse has prepared your ‘script’ (the prescription from the doctor), you will be asked to step to the dispensing area. This is a quiet area separated from the waiting room, which ensures confidentiality. Our dispensing system works such that a nurse will check your name and date of birth before explaining the medication to you. Medication is provided in Osler Health bags to ensure complete patient privacy.



Our doctors also offer telemedicine (tele consultation) service which means we can prescribe medication based upon a consultation with a doctor. We can arrange for certain medications to be delivered to your home or office. Please visit Teleconsultation for more information.

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