Mental Health

Mental Health in Singapore

Mental Health in Singapore

Just like physical health, we must also pay attention to mental health.  How we feel about our mental health and wellbeing can be influenced by a variety of external factors. We all have ups and downs, times when we feel great and times when we feel like we are struggling. This is normal. 

When we go through tough times it can be hard to identify if it is a ‘rough patch’ or has evolved into something more. This is where doctors who have experience in mental health can help.

Our doctors and your Mental Health

Our doctors and your Mental Health

If you, or a loved one, is currently experiencing one or all of the following, we advise your to seek medical support: 

  • a noticeable change in usual behaviour
  • feeling down for some time and not seeming to be getting any better
  • lack of energy and motivation to do everyday things
  • withdrawal from friends and activities
  • emotional outbursts
  • significant tiredness, low energy or problems sleeping
  • increased use of alcohol or other drugs
  • major changes in eating habits
Lifestyle Medicine and Mental Health

Lifestyle Medicine and Mental Health

Lifestyle Medicine is an established, evidence-based medical discipline. In clinical practice, it is all about supporting people to make healthy lifestyle changes. The main focus is on the 6 pillars of lifestyle medicine – healthy eating, stress management, physical activity, sleep, avoiding harmful substances such as tobacco and alcohol, and social connections. All these factors are known to prevent, treat, and even reverse chronic disease (mental health being viewed as a chronic disease).

Lifestyle Medicine looks to support people both in terms of understanding the upstream determinants of health and diseases, and the social situation but also in creating the environment and the relationship between the doctor and the practitioner that can help you understand how to improve your situation as you want to.

If you wish to learn more, the best place to start your journey is a Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment.

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Get help today

Get help today

Osler Health has experience in helping patients suffering with anxiety, depression, stress, panic attacks, insomnia, eating disorders, and more.

If you are looking for a doctor who is experienced in caring for those with mental health issues, please do not hesitate to book an appointment.

Please remember that we see patients seeking mental health support every day. You are not alone and we can help.

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Frequently asked questions about mental health doctors in Singapore

Mental health issues are unlikely to resolve on their own, so it’s best to seek professional help as soon as possible. It is normal to feel like we’re struggling at times, and there is absolutely no shame in seeking help. The sooner you get help, the easier it is to tackle the issue. If you’re going through some mental health challenges, let the kind doctors at Osler Health help. They see patients with mental health challenges frequently – so you are not alone.

If you suspect that your child is facing mental health challenges, try to speak to them and understand what’s troubling them. However, if you find that talking to them isn’t helping or you’re unsure of what to do, it’s best to seek professional help. The team of family doctors at Osler Health are experienced in managing teen mental health. If you’re unsure which doctor would best suit your child’s needs please speak to our Reception team who will be happy to advise.

If you are looking for doctors experienced in mental health, please visit us at our clinics located at Raffles Hotel Arcade (CBD) and Star Vista (west Singapore, off Holland Road). At Osler Health, our doctors are experienced in treating a range of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, stress, panic attacks, insomnia, eating disorders and more. Book an appointment today. You are not alone.

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