"To serve the art of medicine as it should be served, one must love his fellow man” Sir William Osler

Our story

We were inspired by Sir William Osler, a pioneer in patient care. You may not have heard of him, but within the medical world he is seen as a giant in respecting patients’ needs. A trail-blazing Canadian physician (1849-1919) and one of the founding fathers of John Hopkins Hospital. Although Sir William Osler had many achievements, perhaps his greatest was in that he insisted the medical students he taught left the lecture halls and attended the bedsides of patients. Famously he said, “Listen to your patient, he is telling you the diagnosis“, which emphasises the importance of taking a complete medical history and showed compassion. Patients were people.

What makes us different?

  • Integrity – we maintain the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and personal responsibility. Our integrity is our bedrock; meaning you can trust us to give you honest advice. We are not incentivised by referrals, third-parties, pharmaceutical companies. Just honest medical care.
  • Compassion – we listen, give the time and endeavour to understand each patient’s needs to provide appropriate recommendations thereby giving you personalised healthcare.  We also recognise that not everyone in Singapore has access to healthcare and pledge to provide free cervical cancer tests for our patients’ helpers.  
  • Expertise – having international knowledge and medical experience from across the world means we can offer you current medical evidence. Our doctors who are trained in Australia, UK, Singapore and Germany, are experienced and proficient and have a passion for caring for their patients. 
  • Family – we aim to provide medical care for the whole family. We have families of our own – so we understand that your family is a priority. We recognise it is stressful when your children or loved ones are sick. We will follow up and check in, just to make sure. We also know that Singapore can be expensive, therefore we will endeavour to keep prices at a reasonable level. 
  • Our Essence – we aim to provide trusted family medicine in an ethical and kind environment.


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