Pregnancy Clinic in Singapore

When it comes to pregnancy, the body undergoes a major transformation during nine months to support the growth and development of a child. To ensure optimal health for both mother and child, regular checkups at a clinic in Singapore is crucial.

At Osler Health, your health is our priority. Our team of doctors can provide you with the necessary pregnancy care to support you in this delicate time.

Pregnancy check-up, antenatal and postpartum care

To support a safe and healthy pregnancy, our GPs will conduct several physical check-ups throughout your pregnancy. After your pregnancy is confirmed, they will discuss any early-pregnancy issues that you may experience and the best, viable treatment options to better manage them. Our doctors have supported many women through each stage of their pregnancy, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands. Your doctor will regularly monitor your progress and the health of your baby, making sure that you and your baby maintain optimal health.

Upon your baby’s arrival, our doctor will still be here to supporty ou every step of the way. Our postpartum care services will ensure that you and your baby are coping well post-delivery. Should you have any questions regarding your newborn baby, breastfeeding or childcare issues, our doctors will be on hand to support you.

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We have supported many women through their pregnancy. Book an appointment for a consultation at one of our  clinics. We have two clinics – one is at  Raffles Hotel Arcade and the second is located at Star Vista.

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