World Health Day | 5 Ways To Protect Your Health

By: Osler Health International
Posted on: 16 Apr 2023

April 7th marks the celebration of World Health Day, an international initiative dedicated to promoting healthy living for everyone on a global scale. World Health Day is an important occasion to unite and commemorate our efforts in raising awareness about global health issues. This year’s theme – ‘Health for All’- is especially relevant as we focus our efforts toward safeguarding different aspects of health for both men and women with five essential steps that are easy to incorporate into everyday life. At Osler Health, we suggest five simple ways to protect your health, focusing on physical health, mental health, and sexual health.

Health tip #1 – Maintain a healthy lifestyle

All the data supports the fact that maintaining a ‘healthy lifestyle’ will help protect your future health. What is a ‘healthy lifestyle’? In essence, it is having a balanced diet that contains all the major food groups – fruits, vegetables, whole grains and proteins – along with engaging in regular physical activity can build strong muscles and bones while aiding to reduce any harm from chronic diseases such as diabetes or obesity. Getting enough sleep should also be prioritised which ensures your body can repair itself effectively. Additionally staying away from addictive substances like tobacco products, drugs, and excessive alcohol consumption will help ensure you are on your path towards overall wellness.

Health tip #2 – Prioritise mental health

Mental health is just as important to overall wellbeing as physical wellness. An accumulation of stress, anxiety or depression can significantly impact mental well-being and should be addressed with the same amount of priority that one would give a physical issue. Allowing yourself time for mindfulness practices, relaxation exercises and regular exercise will help manage day-to-day stresses. However it is also crucial to seek professional support from qualified professionals when needed. At Osler Health, our mental health doctors have vast experience in caring for patients in Singapore. If you find yourself struggling to cope mentally please reach out and prioritise your mental health.

Health tip #3 – Practise safe sex

Practising safe sex can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and unintended pregnancy. During intercourse, it is important to use condoms or other forms of contraception consistently and correctly. Regular STI testing and seeking treatment for STIs at women’s and men’s sexual health clinics in Singapore when necessary is also crucial for protecting sexual health. Please note that all STI tests are confidential. 

Health tip #4 – Go for regular health screenings

To keep your health in check and identify any issues early, going for regular health screenings is key. Start by booking customised health screenings in Singapore to assess your overall health – this includes getting blood pressure measurements and cholesterol readings. Women should also go for women’s health screenings  including cervical cancer screening as well having routine breast cancer screenings or mammograms every few years, while men are recommended prostate cancer checks after a certain age in their men’s health screening.

Health Tip #5 – Get vaccinated

Vaccines are a powerful tool in protecting us from the harms of contagious and infectious diseases, such as flu and the human papillomavirus (HPV) keeping us healthy. Furthermore, they can even help to stave off some forms of cancer such as cervical cancer that could have otherwise been devastating outcomes. Our clinics in Singapore can review your vaccination status and advise of any vaccines missing. Please know that we can also follow a vaccine schedule from any country.

Stay healthy with Osler Health

Investing in your health is an investment for life. World Health Day reminds us of the importance and necessity to care responsibly for ourselves so that we can continue living our lives with joy, comfort, and stability. To help guide readers on their journey towards good health, Osler Health offers a comprehensive selection of services including mental health services, men’s sexual health services, customised health screenings and vaccination services by its expert team of doctors at its clinics around Singapore. Contact us today for more information on how  we can assist you with your different medical needs or make an appointment online to enjoy one of our medical services now.

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