Why men should start going to regular health screenings from 40

By: Osler Health International
Posted on: 10 Aug 2021

Why you need regular health screenings from 40

Men are statistically less likely to go to the doctors than women. There are many potential reasons for this; however, the end result is the same. Men are less likely to seek medical support for their physical and mental health, and as a health clinic we know that early intervention means better health outcomes.

Dr Neil Forrest, British GP based at Osler Health Star Vista clinic tells us why men should stop putting off visits to the doctor and start going for regular health screenings from age 40:

Men have a shorter life expectancy than women

According to World Health Organisation statistics, the average life expectancy of men worldwide is 4.4 years less than that of women. There are many possible reasons for the differences in life expectancy between men and women, but a significant factor is biological differences. For example, women are protected from earlier onset heart disease by having higher levels of oestrogen.

With a regular health screening, your risk of future heart attack and stroke can be assessed and you will be advised on the measures to take to prevent them. This can include controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels, diagnosing and reversing pre-diabetes.

Some cancers only affect men

As mentioned above, biological differences between men and women are a significant factor contributing to differences in life expectancy. There are certain cancers that only affect men, such as prostate and testicular cancer.

Testicular cancer typically affects men in their 20’s and 30’s. Prostate cancer is more common in men over 50. Regular health screenings involving tumour marker tests and physical checks can help to detect such cancers at an early stage.

Unhealthy lifestyle habits are more common for men in most countries

Unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, excessive alcohol intake, recreational drug use and imbalanced diets are more common among men worldwide.

Regular health screenings help with the early detection of any health problems and allows you the opportunity to make lifestyle changes to improve your overall health.

Men are often reluctant to seek help for their sexual health

Men are often reluctant to seek help for sexual health. These issues can manifest in various ways, including erectile dysfunction and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Dr Forrest notes that these issues are “generally easy to diagnose and treat” with better recovery outcomes if they are addressed earlier. 

If you are concerned about privacy, please be assured that appointments are confidential and discrete. So, don’t hesitate to seek help any longer!

Get tailored health screenings at Osler Health

At Osler Health, we offer tailored health screenings according to your age, gender, health history, family history and budget. Tailored health screenings are beneficial to patients because:  

Customised screenings for your needs

No two patients are the same. Our tailored screenings are designed based on your health history and specific needs instead of a one-size-fits-all approach. We will also advise you on lifestyle recommendations and necessary interventions according to your screening results.

Cost savings

With our customised health screenings, you will only pay for the tests and procedures necessary for you, which means that you will not spend money on unnecessary tests that you do not require. . We will also accommodate your schedule and arrange the health screening at a time that works best for you.

Osler Health is an international health clinic offering customised health screening services in Singapore based on your age, gender, health history, budget and schedule. It is recommended for adults to get screened at least once a year. Book an appointment now. 

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