Osler Health is Carbon Neutral

By: Osler Health International
Posted on: 15 Dec 2022

Osler Health International announced today that it is officially Carbon Neutral. The healthcare industry contributes 5% of global greenhouse gas, leading Osler Health to take steps to become the first carbon neutral healthcare company in Singapore. Founded in 2020, Osler Health has become known as a primary care clinic that puts ethics at the heart of their business practices.

Dr Foong Tsin Uin, family doctor and co-founder of Osler Health noted, “As a medical practice, ‘caring’ is at the heart of what we do every day. We believe that caring for people not only means supporting their physical and mental wellbeing, but also as an organization we have an obligation to care for the world around us.  We wanted to set an example of how medical companies can affect change.”

Over the last year, we have collaborated with ‘Climate Partners’, a European based environmental agency that guides companies across the world through an empirical process to measure, reduce and offset their carbon footprint.

We firstly measured their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and then took measures to reduce the emissions wherever they could (e.g. moving to paperless operations). Lastly, those emissions that simply could not be stopped (e.g. medical grade refrigeration for vaccines and medical supplies) were balanced through an official offset programme. To find out more about our offset programme click on the links below.

Osler Health is currently the only carbon neutral healthcare company in Singapore.

Further information:

Website:  www.osler-health.com

Sustainability: www.osler-health.com/sustainability

Certificate of Carbon Neutrality: here

Osler Health’s Offset programme: here

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