Antigen Rapid Test for UK, Germany and USA

By: Osler Team

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Posted on: 14 Apr 2021

Antigen Rapid Tests
Flying shortly? The following countries have just amended their entry requirements, enabling passengers to utilise the faster 30-minute Antigen Rapid Test (ART) as opposed to the PCR Test (which takes up to 48 hours). Osler Health is licensed to conduct your ART as part of your Pre-Departure Test. All test results are provided digitally as part of the global travel ecosystem.


You will receive a simple nasal swab, and results will be provided digitally within 30 mins as part of your ‘Fit-to-Fly’ certificate.  ARTs are cheaper, faster and less invasive than the PCR. Countries who currently accept ARTs include UK, Germany and USA. If you are not sure, please check with your destination to confirm whether immigration authorities accept an ART.


Countries currently accepting ART’s as part of the Pre Departure Tests (please be aware this list is not exhaustive and data is changing regularly):
  • Austria (maximum 48 hours before arrival)
  • Croatia (maximum 48 hours before arrival)
  • Denmark (maximum 24 hours before departure)
  • Finland (maximum 72 hours before arrival)
  • Germany (maximum 48 hours before arrival)
  • Guam (maximum 72 hours before departure)
  • Haiti (maximum 72 hours before departure)
  • Italy (maximum 48 hours before arrival)
  • Lithuania (maximum 72 hours before arrival)
  • Luxembourg (maximum72 hours before departure)
  • Netherlands (maximum 24 hours before departure)
  • Norway (maximum 24 hours before departure)
  • Sri Lanka (maximum 48 hours before departure – for Sri Lankans only)
  • Sweden (maximum 48 hours before arrival)
  • Switzerland  (maximum 24 hours before departure)
  • UK (maximum 72 hours before departure)
  • USA (maximum 72 hours before departure)
Click HERE if you wish to book your ART with us.
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