Mental Health check-up: how are you doing?

By: Osler Health International

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Posted on: 9 Mar 2021

Virtual Talk on Mental Health

We all know this has been a challenging time, and it can be hard to identify if you or a family member is having a ‘bad period’ or actually may be suffering from a mental illness. This can be especially complex if the individual has never had any mental health issues in the past.

The interface between mental ‘health’ and mental ‘illness’ is not absolute. Dr Neil Forrest and Dr Foong, both of whom are known for their kind and down-to-earth manner, are hosting a virtual talk on Friday 19th March with our friends at Expat Living.

Both doctor’s have seen an increase in patients seeking support for mental health over the last year. Dr Neil comments, “Mental health problems were incredibly common anyway, but the pandemic has introduced all kinds of new triggers: prolonged separation from friends and family, financial uncertainty, fear of infection and blurring of the boundaries between home, school and work”.

In this talk, Dr Neil Forrest and Dr Foong will cover:

  • Key points to notice in yourself (or loved ones)
  • When to seek external support?
  • What does ‘support’ look like in Singapore?
  • Why it’s OK to recognise you’re not doing well

The talk will cover adults and teenagers.

Date: 19 March 2021
Time: 10am-11am
Place: Zoom Online
SpeakersDr Neil Forrest and Dr Tsin Uin Foong

Go here to book your place. It is an hour out of your life – and may give you the guidance to support yourself or a loved one.

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