Men's sexual health clinic in Singapore

A private and confidential space

A private and confidential space

Many men find reaching out for medical support for personal issues challenging. And though it can be, there are men’s health doctors/General Practitioners (GPs) who are genuinely understanding and ready to support your physical and mental well-being without judgement.

Seeking help sooner rather than later often leads to better health outcomes, so it’s important that you don’t wait.

Experienced Men's Health GPs

Experienced Men's Health GPs

Osler Health has two male GPs experienced in men’s health matters, including men’s sexual health:

Dr Neil Forrest, a British expat male doctor based at Osler’s Star Vista clinic, who brings his many years of experience in men’s health to patients. He is also an accredited member of the International Board of Lifestyle Medicine.

Dr. Peter Chiu, is based at our Raffles Hotel Arcade clinic, and provides experience in both physical and mental health care for men. Dr. Chiu is multilingual and can consult in English, German, Mandarin, and Cantonese, facilitating consultations for patients of diverse backgrounds.

Both doctors offer a safe, non-judgemental space.

Men’s Clinic for general and sexual health

Men’s Clinic for general and sexual health

If you are looking for a men’s sexual health clinic in Singapore, it’s important you locate a clinic that feels comfortable and confidential. At Osler, we offer the following types of men’s health services:

Decreased libido

If you’re experiencing a decrease in libido or sexual desire, doctors who are experienced in men’s sexual health can conduct thorough assessments at the clinic to identify potential underlying causes and recommend appropriate treatment options.

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Erectile dysfunction is a common issue that can affect men of all ages. Physicians will perform an evaluation, and discuss treatment plans to address this condition and help you regain confidence and sexual health.

Low testosterone

A reduction in testosterone may create certain sexual challenges. The doctors can assess and address this through a simple test.

Sexual health screenings

Sexual health screenings are important for early detection and prevention of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), many of which may not present with symptoms. Please don’t feel embarrassed about seeing a doctor for an STI. We see them regularly, and you are in a confidential, non-judgemental space.

A sexual health consultation typically involves a discussion of your sexual history and an understanding of symptoms to guide the appropriate treatment. Most commonly, these tests for men may include a urine test, a blood test, and, in some cases, a swab test, each targeting different STIs.

A urine test is a non-invasive method used to screen for STIs such as Chlamydia and Gonorrhea. The Chlamydia and Gonorrhea PCR test is often used to detect these infections, even in the absence of symptoms.

Blood tests play a critical role in the screening for various STIs, including HIV, Syphilis, Hepatitis B (for those not vaccinated), Hepatitis A (based on sexual risk behaviours), and potentially Herpes (depending on the individual’s history).

Swab-based diagnostic tests can also be used to diagnose specific STIs by collecting samples from the genital area, throat or rectum. They are particularly useful for identifying infections like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, and Non-gonococcal urethritis.

Prostate check-ups

Prostate check-ups

A prostate exam (also known as a prostate screening test), can be conducted by a GP and is an important review aimed at identifying prostate issues including prostate cancer. GPs perform these screenings to evaluate the health of the prostate and to identify any abnormalities that may (or very often do not!) indicate the presence of cancer.

Men are encouraged to undergo regular prostate health checks, especially after reaching the age of 45, to ensure early detection of possible health issues. Key indicators suggesting the need for a check-up include difficulty in urinating, increased frequency of urination at night, the presence of blood in semen, and difficulties in achieving or maintaining an erection. These symptoms could signify an enlarged prostate which is a benign common condition with age.

Regular screening is advised even in the absence of symptoms, particularly for those at increased risk due to race or family history. If you’re uncertain about your family’s medical history, it’s important to consult with your doctor. They can provide guidance on whether you should undergo prostate screening based on your symptoms, individual risk factors and family history.

Male doctor for expats

Male doctor for expats

Expats living in Singapore may find it challenging to find a doctor experienced in men’s health who they ‘click’ with. The doctor/patient relationship is a vital component of best medical practice. For men’s health concerns, finding a knowledgeable male doctor for expats is important for health and well-being.

Doctors experienced in the expatriate patient-group in Singapore are not just well-versed in understanding the healthcare requirements of their male clientele but also have developed a network of trusted health professionals and specialists to refer to as and when necessary. There are many doctors you can choose in Singapore, however finding a medical practice that understands both men’s health and the environment for expats is important. Whether it’s for routine men’s health screenings, treatment for sexual health issues, or general wellness advice, choose a clinic that has impartial reviews (such as Google Business reviews) so you can feel confident in your choice.

Raffles Hotel Arcade

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Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:30pm
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Closed Sundays & Public Holidays

Raffles Arcade clinic
Star Vista

1 Vista Exchange Green,
B1-27, The Star Vista
Singapore 138617

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Tel: +65 6339 2727



Opening Times

Monday to Friday: 8:30am – 5:30pm
Saturday: 8:30am – 1:00pm
Closed Sundays & Public Holidays
(Please note that the first appointment starts at 9am)

Star Vista clinic

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Your sexual health is also a big part of your overall well-being. If you need to talk about your sexual health issues in a non-judgmental environment, you can contact a clinic that provides men’s health. Email the clinic via this online booking form and request the men’s health doctor you wish to see.

In addition, details about the requested appointment can be categorised under ‘Private Matter’ to ensure your privacy.

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Frequently asked questions about men’s health clinics in Singapore

A men’s sexual health clinic offers holistic care for men’s sexual health issues, including erectile dysfunction, painful and dysfunctional sex, decreased libido, and Sexually Transmitted Illnesses (STIs). In addition, men’s health clinics can also advise on adolescent sexuality and puberty, mental health and stress management. For private GP clinics in Singapore, treating patients holistically is important, as physical, sexual and mental health may be interlinked. Health screenings for men are also available.

During your first appointment at a men’s sexual health clinic in Singapore, you will meet with the doctor for a consultation. You can choose to see a male or female doctor. During the session, the doctor will discuss your symptoms and advise on the most suitable treatment option to address your condition. Please be assured that the consultation will be completely private and confidential.

Early diagnosis and treatment often lead to better outcomes. It is recommended that you seek professional help from a men’s health clinic as soon as you start experiencing sexual health concerns. If you wish to speak in a non-judgmental and confidential space, reach out to a trusted clinic. Experienced doctors will support you in every step of your wellness journey.

It’s recommended that men aged 15 to 65 get tested for HIV at least once. Getting screened for hepatitis B and C is also recommended. If you have a new partner, it is also important to get tested for STDs for the health and safety of both parties. Should you require one, men’s health clinics in Singapore provide STD or sexual health screenings.

At Osler Health’s men’s health clinic, confidentiality is an absolute priority during all consultations. It is understood that privacy is a fundamental aspect of healthcare, especially when discussing sensitive topics related to men’s sexual health, mental well-being, or other personal concerns. As such, all healthcare providers are bound by strict ethical and legal obligations to maintain the confidentiality of patient information.

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