Preventative Care – why it’s the future of healthcare

By: Osler Health International
Posted on: 11 Sep 2023

Preventative Care – why it’s the future of healthcare

In recent years, the healthcare sector has witnessed a transformation like never before. As we gear up for 2023 and beyond, it becomes increasingly evident that preventative care is set to become a definitive direction of the industry. But what makes preventative care so vital, and how does it weave into the fabric of modern healthcare systems?

Forces shaping the move towards preventative care

1. Move towards prophylaxis: Pre-empt, predict, prevent

In the new paradigm of healthcare, healthcare is focussing less on responding to illnesses, and more on anticipating them. The Healthier SG strategy by  Singapore’s Ministry of Health underscores this perspective. This roadmap of the future, rooted in predictive health models and early preventative care, will see individuals working more closely than ever with doctors on holistic wellness and proactive disease prevention.

2. Healthcare individualisation

Along the same vein, the antiquated notion of a one-size-fits-all solution is also rapidly fading into obscurity in the dynamic healthcare landscape. Advanced patient engagement platforms, such as patient portals, have paved the way for health plans meticulously tailored to individual needs. Osler Health is known for its personal approach to healthcare and is now collaborating with external providers to give patients a seamless ‘personal’ healthcare experience. 

As health technology develops, look out for the increased use of wearables powered by big data and artificial intelligence predictive analytic. Wearables may assist us as tools in health monitoring, supporting doctors and individuals in tracking and acting on their health (for example wearable Glucose Monitors can give our doctors vital data on how a patient reacts to sugars).

Preventative care for individuals

On a more personal level, changing lifestyles are also driving a need for preventative care. Just reflect on a day in your daily routine: it kickstarts with a cascade of tasks even before official work begins. By the time afternoon rolls around, exhaustion sets in, leading to the easy choices—an energy bar here, a quick fast-food order there. The evening then dwindles away with pending chores and family duties, often pushing later bedtimes. Days like these are common, and when they become the norm, they can silently erode our health.

The modern lifestyle, with its fast-paced routines, stress, and often unhealthy dietary choices, increases susceptibility to chronic diseases. In fact, a recent World Health Organization (WHO) report shared that chronic ailments, which include heart diseases, cancers, respiratory conditions, and diabetes, are responsible for approximately 75% of global deaths annually. More alarmingly, a person below 70 succumbs to a non-communicable disease (NCD) every two seconds.

A significant portion of these premature deaths can be avoided, and preventative care or lifestyle medicine sits at the heart of the solution.

6 pillars of lifestyle medicine

Lifestyle medicine represents a holistic healthcare approach focusing on lifestyle interventions to combat chronic diseases. Clinicians certified in lifestyle medicine, including team members at Osler Health, harness evidence-based, patient-centric strategies to not only manage but potentially reverse these conditions. Beyond merely treating symptoms, lifestyle medicine seeks to address the root causes of health issues through six crucial pillars:

  • Nutrition: Emphasising a plant-rich diet that fuels the body with essential nutrients.
  • Exercise: Promoting regular physical activity as an indispensable part of one’s daily regime.
  • Stress Management: Equipping individuals with effective techniques to cope with the stresses of modern life.
  • Reduction of risky substances: Advocating for the reduction or elimination of harmful substances to safeguard health (such as tobacco or alcohol).
  • Sleep: Recognising the profound impact of restorative sleep on overall health and championing its importance.
  • Relationships: Encouraging the cultivation and sustenance of positive social ties for mental and emotional well-being.

Collectively, these lifestyle interventions empower individuals to create sustainable, healthy habits that comprehensively nurture their physical and mental states. In doing so, you’re not just making a transient change but investing in a future with enhanced longevity, vitality, quality of life and a reduced risk of diseases.

Steer towards a healthier future with Osler Health

Transitioning to healthier habits and breaking away from deep-rooted routines can seem like a Herculean task, particularly when undertaken independently. However, with Osler Health, you’re never alone in this transformative journey. Our team of dedicated doctors stand at the ready, offering expertise to ensure your shift towards a healthier lifestyle is sustainable.

At Osler Health, we pride ourselves on providing diverse preventative care services tailored to your individual needs. From comprehensive annual full health reviews to lifestyle medicine services in Singapore, we ensure that every aspect of your well-being is catered for. Our international medical clinic is helmed by healthcare professionals versed in delivering tailored therapies and offering medical advice to a global clientele.

With Osler Health’s support, you can trust that our doctors offer not just a snapshot of your present health but also a strategic blueprint for long-term wellness. Schedule an appointment with us today and let us help in architecting a healthier lifestyle for you.

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