Elizabeth Cowle

Elizabeth Cowle

Director & Chief Executive Officer

An Australian, living in Singapore, Elizabeth Cowle has been working in the healthcare industry for
most of her professional career. In Melbourne, she was the Founder/Consultant of a paramedical
aesthetic clinic for 27 years specialising in post-operative care, skin disorders and burn victims,
working alongside renowned plastic surgeons, hospitals, and medical practitioners. Elizabeth
credentials include being a guest lecturer of laser physics at Victorian University and an expert

Since arriving in Singapore in 2007, Elizabeth joined a small, expatriate focused medical clinic. During
her 14 years of leadership as the Managing Director and member of the Board, Elizabeth developed
the business into a large corporation with significant growth and transformation.
Elizabeth is an advocate for healthy ageing. Partnering with Osler Health’s two Founders with their
passion for holistic healthcare and evidence-based lifestyle and longevity medicine, Elizabeth’s
experience and commitment to excellence brings the foundation to elevate this progressive
Company as a leader in modern Primary Healthcare.

In her spare time, Elizabeth is an award-winning photographer and Fellow of The Royal Photographic
Society, U.K. The photographs in Osler Health’s two clinics and website have been provided by

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