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Health Screenings

Our approach to Health Screenings

Our approach to Health Screenings

Osler Health understands that no two patients are the same. Everyone has different health histories and needs. That is why we do not subscribe to an ‘off the shelf’ approach which can lead to patients paying for tests and procedures they simply do not need. We offer customised health screenings which are pertinent to you, based on your age, gender and health history.

If you are looking for a full body check-up we can accommodate your needs in terms of cost and time.

Types of on-site Health Screenings

Types of on-site Health Screenings

Please contact the Reception team and request your customised health screening. We will send you an online form which will ask for information on your age, gender and health history. We will also ask whether you have any areas of concern. We will then book you in at a time that is convenient to you. Please note that the doctor will discuss any suggested tests with associated costs so you are fully in control based on your needs.

We offer:

  • Well-Woman’s health screening
  • Well-Men’s health screening
  • Cardiovascular screening
  • Gynaecological screening
  • Sexual health screening
  • Children’s developmental assessments
  • School medicals
  • Corporate / Visa / Immigration medicals
  • Foreign domestic worker medicals
When should you go for a Health Screening?

When should you go for a Health Screening?

It depends upon your age and health history, but in general it is recommended that adults book in for an annual health screening. Children should have growth and developmental assessments from newborn to 18 years of age.
Don’t forget that a basic health screening is also a good way for teenagers to not only have a better understanding of their general health, but also provides an organic opportunity to discuss things that may be concerning them.

Contact us today

Contact us today

If you think it is time for your annual health screening and you wish to adopt a more customized approach, please contact us.

We have two clinics. One is located in Raffles Hotel Arcade (pictured) in the CBD and the other is a Star Vista near Holland Road.

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Frequently asked questions about health Screenings in Singapore

Generally, it is recommended for adults to go for an annual health screening. This is because when health concerns are caught early, they tend to have better health outcomes. We also recommend health screenings for children to track growth and developmental milestones, and ensure that their childhood immunisations are up-to-date.

Customised health screenings are based on your age, gender, health history and individual requirements. Every individual has different needs, so we’ll only recommend tests and procedures that are pertinent to you. At Osler Health, we believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for health screenings. Instead, we recommend screenings based on your specific needs, age, gender and health history. This is beneficial to the patient as ‘off-the-shelf’ health screening packages often mean individuals pay for tests and procedures they simply do not need. At Osler, we’ll discuss any recommended tests and procedures and associated costs. As a clinic with a strong ethical code of conduct, you can rest assured there are no unpleasant cost surprises!

At Osler Health Singapore, we can accommodate your schedule and arrange your annual health screening at a time that works best for you. If you don’t have the time, budget or inclination to complete the recommended screenings in one sitting, we can help you plan and prioritise your tests accordingly. Book an appointment with us today.

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