It is quick and easy to register. Just click here and make your appointment. We can pre-register you via an online form or we can simply register you when you arrive at the clinic for your appointment.

We have two clinics. One is located in Raffles Hotel Arcade (next to Raffles Hotel) on North Bridge Road and the second clinic is located in the Star Vista building (West Singapore) near Farrer Road / Holland Road. Both are family care clinics which can cater for the needs of all members of your family.

Yes, there is ample parking available at both locations making it easy access.

For Raffles Hotel Arcade enter the Raffles Hotel Carpark on Seah Street. Park near Zone 2 (its denoted in red). Simply get the Zone 2 lift up to level 2. If you get lost or are not sure – please call us and we can help. Access is easy with buggies and pushchairs.

For Star Vista please enter the parking via Vista Exchange Green. Park in the basement and there are travelators which will take you to B1 where our clinic is located. Access is easy with buggies and pushchairs.

Yes, we provide personalised Health Screenings.

We do not provide ‘off-the shelf’ pre-packaged Health Screenings. Each Screening will be pertinent to your gender, age and health history. We will explain costs beforehand so there are no surprises.
We can provide a full range of Health Screenings including Men’s Health Screening, Well-Woman Screenings, Gynaecological Screenings, Pre-Pregnancy Screenings, School Medicals, Pre-University/College Screenings, Baby Developmental Assessments etc. Call us to arrange T: 6332 2727.

Our approach is guided by Lifestyle Medicine which is a holistic review of your health through 6 pillars. Read more about Lifestyle Medicine and our Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment.

Yes! We are a dedicated family clinic. We see babies, toddlers, tweens, teens, men and women (and visitors). We have both male and female doctors and will always try to accommodate your scheduling needs.

Yes. When you call to make your appointment you can request a doctor. If you are not sure our Reception team can recommend the best doctor for your needs.

Yes. Ask our Reception team and we can advise.

Our consultation fees start from $80. Consultation fees are based upon the complexity of the consultation. We are committed to keep costs down for our patients and will always be open about costs.

Yes. We can access dependable and principled specialists when additional expertise is required. As an ethical business we wish to highlight that there is no financial gain for us recommending anyone other than those we hold in high professional esteem.

Your medical records are accessible to you on request and may be brought to your consultation.

Other than English our Doctors speak French, German, Swiss-German, Mandarin, Cantonese and Sinhalese.

Yes! Our doctors are skilled in family medicine and have seen numerous little ones over the years. We also have dedicated children’s doctor, Dr Nicole Plesko-Altermatt who is located in our Star Vista clinic.
Each clinic has a dedicated family area with interactive toys and seats for little ones. We also have baby change areas and the nurses are always happy to hold a baby if you need 1:1 time with the doctor!

Yes. If you are suffering from mental health concerns then you are not alone. We see patients everyday in the clinic with mental health concerns – and discuss various methods of support. We have more details on our Mental Health services here. Visiting your GP is the best way to start the journey to recovery.

Yes. Our children’s doctor, Dr Nicole Plesko-Altermatt is trained in assessing neurological-diversity and collaborates with a trusted team of allied health professionals and specialists to support in the assessment and support of children. If you wish to discuss your child with Dr Nicole please make an appointment in our Star Vista clinic.

The great challenge to doctors in the 21st century comes from chronic diseases: diabetes/obesity, cardiovascular disease, cancer, autoimmune and mental health conditions. Lifestyle choices play a role in all of these conditions, and Lifestyle Medicine seeks to address these issues to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and society.

Lifestyle Medicine aims to achieve this by focusing on six pillars:

  • Nutritional health
  • Mental wellbeing/managing stress
  • Social connections and relationships
  • Exercise
  • Minimising harmful substances (like alcohol or smoking)
  • Sleep

It might sound obvious, but with an evidence-based, scientific approach, these pillars represent powerful tools in our fight against disease. They are much more potent at prolonging lifespan and healthspan (proportion of your life lived without disease/impairment) than any drugs currently available. 

If you would like to understand more please visit our doctors for a Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment.

Yes. We can offer the SinoPharm vaccine at this time. Like all health institutions we adhere to the Ministry of Health regulations on COVID-19 vaccines. Please contact us for more information.

Raffles Hotel Arcade Star Vista