Dr Nithya Nahappan

Dr Nithya Nahappan

MB Bch BAO, LRCP & SI (Dublin, Ireland), MRCGP (UK)

Location: Raffles Hotel Arcade
Languages: English
Trained: Ireland

Recognised for:

Allergies · Asthma · Children’s Health · Chronic Disease & Disease Prevention · Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment (Health Screening) · Diabetes · Gut Health · Lifestyle Medicine · Men’s Health · Mental Wellness · Newborn Health & Vaccinations · Travel Medicine ·

“Balancing the roles of daughter, wife, mother, patient and doctor, I have come to deeply appreciate the significance of listening to patients’ stories beyond their symptoms. Understanding what my patients are experiencing within the context of their lives is a vital component of my practice.

With fifteen years of both local and international clinical experience, I have developed sound generalist skills and perspective. I utilise these in combination with a compassionate approach to uncover what is going on, whether it is a problem that needs a quick solution, or one that takes a longer and more thoughtful journey together.

I place strong importance on continuity of care, and support individuals and their families as they navigate the medical trends in the media, engage with specialists, and traverse the ups and downs of wellness, illness and new beginnings.

It’s a privilege to be a trusted part of resolving a patient’s source of discomfort, be it physical or mental. I strive to empower my patients to feel stronger and capable of effecting positive changes in their health and am delighted to be part of Osler Health International, where this patient-centric ethos is embraced and shared.”

Dr Nithya grew up in Singapore, and has lived between the UK, Ireland and Singapore over the last 25 years. Dr Nithya completed her undergraduate medical qualification, MBBCh BAO in Dublin, Ireland in 2009, and initially pursued a career in Psychiatry, attaining a Diploma in Clinical Psychiatry (Ire) in 2015.

In 2016, Dr Nithya transitioned to specialist training in Family Medicine in London, becoming a Member of The Royal College of General Practitioners (UK) upon completion of training. Dr Nithya brings knowledge, warmth and empathy to her patients of all ages and regularly assists patients dealing with diverse health challenges, including Diabetes, Weight Management, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, and Autoimmune conditions.

Dr Nithya is also committed to helping individuals manage or overcome persisting symptoms such as fatigue, skin problems, digestive issues, and migraines.

As a mother of two boys, Dr Nithya is an advocate for parents and children in their early encounters with healthcare. Her experience extends from the prenatal period to infant feeding, childhood nutrition, skin conditions, asthma, as well as febrile illnesses and vaccinations.

Dr Nithya has an interest in Food Allergy and Hypersensitivity in both adults and children. She is adept at exploring the connections of mind and gut, the microbiome and the interface between nutrition and health.

Mental Health and therapeutic relationships continue to form an integral thread in consultations with Dr Nithya and she believes that it is these relationships that favour the best results for her patients. Prior to joining Osler Health International, Dr Nithya worked as a Family Physician in a busy GP Practice in Battersea, London. More recently, Dr Nithya pursued further training in managing hair loss, earning a postgraduate qualification in Hair Restoration Management (USA).

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