Dr Nicole Plesko-Altermatt

Dr Nicole Plesko-Altermatt

PD (Zurich, Switzerland)

LocationStar Vista
Languages: English, German/Swiss German, French
Trained: Switzerland

Recognised for:

ADHD/ADD Assessment · Adolescent Health · Allergies · Asthma · Childhood Development & Behaviour · Children’s Health · Newborn Health & Vaccinations ·

“Parenting is a wonderful experience – but also holds unexpected worries and questions. Being a mother of three boys, and having worked in children’s hospitals for almost a decade, I have an in-depth understanding of the challenges involved in protecting and supporting your child’s health.

As a children’s doctor with years of experience, I can help your child, whether it’s  your baby’s sleep, your toddler’s limited speech, or challenges when your child is diagnosed with a chronic disease.

I am delighted to join the Osler Health team, whose patient-led ethos and ethical approach parallels my own. My message to any concerned parent is, ‘Please don’t worry needlessly, come in and we can find some solutions’.”

Dr Nicole Plesko-Altermatt is an experienced children’s doctor based at Osler Health’s Star Vista practice. Dr Plesko-Altermatt trained in Switzerland and has extensive experience in Developmental Paediatrics where she obtained her Swiss Society of Developmental Paediatrics (SGEP), the Swiss Society of Paediatrics (SGP), and the Swiss Medical Association (FMH) qualifications. Dr Plesko-Altermatt cares for children from infancy to adolescence. With a special interest in developmental assessments (including ADHD and autism), she can support the ongoing health of all children.

Dr Nicole has a genuine interest in the holistic medical care for infants, children and adolescents; with a special focus on the development of intellectual, communicative and motor skills. She is also experienced in caring for children born prematurely or with an existing medical condition.

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