Dr Foong Tsin Uin

Director & Chief Medical Officer

Dr Foong Tsin Uin

MBBS (London, UK), MRCGP (UK), Dip Pract Derm (UK)

Location: Raffles Hotel Arcade/Star Vista
Languages: English, Mandarin
Trained: UK

Recognised for:

Allergies · Asthma · Children’s Health · Contraception/Family Planning · Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment (Health Screening) · Implanon Procedure · IUD Procedure · Gut Health · Lifestyle Medicine · Men’s Health · Mental Wellness · Minor Surgical Procedures · Newborn Health & Vaccinations · Travel Medicine · Women’s Health Including PAP Smear ·

“Being a Family Physician is such a privilege. Over time, I often get to know every member of the family, and deal with all the aspects of their medical and psychological needs – as these are often intertwined. The dynamics within the family can sometimes provide the missing link, the last piece of the jigsaw to their diagnosis and psyche. This epitomises holistic care – to know the person as a whole.

Having practiced medicine for over 20 years, initially in the UK and for the last 9 years in Singapore, I have finally arrived “home” at Osler Health. Knowing that I’m practicing in an ethically run clinic, where human kindness, compassion and humanity is at the core of what we do.”

Dr Foong obtained her medical degree from Royal Free & UCL Medical School in London in 2000. She went to complete her postgraduate training in general practice in London, earning her membership with the Royal College of General Practitioners (UK) in 2006. Later on, she underwent further training and obtained a Diploma in Dermatology from Cardiff University in 2012.

Her practice within the international community in Singapore over the last 7 years has seen her practice grow as she delivers a holistic style approach to family practice – in particular looking after children from newborns upwards, and also in the field of mental health. Passionate about providing preventative health for Osler Health patients, Dr Foong is also a member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

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