Surviving SHN in a facility

By: Dr Valerie Druon

Star Vista
Posted on: 27 Mar 2021


Are you in SHN in a hotel or about to be? We are approaching the end of the northern hemisphere long summer holidays. Many families are returning to Singapore and are facing a 14-day Stay-Home-Notice (SHN) notice in a designated facility. Dr Valerie Druon provides you with some tips on how to survive!

The notion of being in an enclosed room for 14 days can be confronting, but it can also be a rewarding time if you approach the experience with a positive mindset. Don’t forget that interconnecting rooms can be requested at a SHN Dedicated Facility (SDF) for greater comfort for several family members arriving from the same flight. Special requests will need to be submitted at least two weeks prior to your arrival for consideration.

  1. Look after your physical health

Taking great care of your physical health will help with promoting well-being and prevent becoming ill.  As with any travel across time zones it is essential to create a routine adapted to the destinated country to minimize jetlag and restore the sleep wake cycle as early as possible. This is more important if you are returning to work early and children are starting their academic work online. For the less committed, there may be less pressure to restore the sleep cycle early and keeping flexibility with routine may work better.

Scheduling daily exercises individually or as a family is beneficial. Some hotels allow hiring exercise equipment like a treadmill, rowing machine or a yoga mat. Don’t forget to utilize some of the excellent online fitness classes.

Some tips on eating and drinking:

  • Ensure healthy nutrition with recommended daily intakes of various minerals and vitamins.
  • Calorie intake make need to be adapted as your physical activities are likely to be reduced.
  • Ensure eating is not a response to stress or fatigue management!
  • Drink water regularly water.
  • Watch out for rich foods and drinks that are high in salt, sugar, cholesterol and alcohol. Choose a multigrain high fibre diet rich in omega 3, fruits, vegetables with adequate proteins and calcium.
  • Online shopping and food deliveries can be arranged if the catering in the hotel is not to your liking.
  • Limit alcohol intake to the standard recommended doses and to evenings. (Remember smoking is not allowed indoors).

Keeping your living space tidy with ambient air-conditioning temperature and regular self-housekeeping duties will help with reducing potential dust allergies, sinus issues, nasal congestion amongst other health conditions.

  1. Look after your mental health

Returning from a holiday after seeing family and friends can be mentally challenging for some – particularly with the mandatory 14 days in SHN facilities.

  • Create a new set of routines that will involve looking after yourself.
  • Address the mental fatigue first by allowing yourself adequate time to recover from jetlag.
  • While alcohol may be tempting, ensure moderation as excessive alcohol intake has a depressive component and can lead to poor quality sleeps and insomnia.
  • Exercise routine, relaxation techniques, allocating time for work, learning, play, reaching out and offering your services or helping others can be gratifying.
  • Maintain a pleasant environment with music, scents, appropriate light, tidiness and decluttering.
  • The physical isolation can be an opportunity for social connectivity with more bonding time within family members but also digitally with friends and loved ones through phone and video calls.

For more about mental health see more details here.

  1. Telemedicine Doctors are available

Don’t forget you have availability to Doctors via teleconsultations. Telemedicine consultations are medical consultations between a doctor and a patient done through a mobile phone, tablet or computer. At Osler Health we have been providing many patients in SHN facilities with consultations.

They are easily accessible and valuable during times of SHN, quarantine and lockdown. Many medical conditions like a simple rash, digestive issues, a repeat prescription, air-conditioning induced nasal congestion, to just wanting to talk to someone can be dealt with a telemedicine consultation with a family doctor. Telemedicine is available to all family members including children accompanied by their carer. Please note that many medications can be quickly delivered to your SHN facility room.

  1. Overseas Vaccination Verification

Don’t forget that if you had your Covid-19 vaccination abroad, it is a requirement to have your vaccination verified within two weeks of completion of your SHN. Your vaccination status must be updated on the National Immunisation Registry. Then it will be updated on HealthHub and Trace Together. Having the ‘green tick’ showing you are vaccinated  is now a vital part of life in Singapore. Overseas vaccination verification can be done at our Osler Health International.

Dr Valerie Druon is a French speaking Australian GP doctor based at Osler Health Star Vista. For teleconsultations in French please contact or call 6339 2727.

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