Osler Health is now digitally ready for your Pre-Departure needs

By: Osler Health International
Posted on: 5 Feb 2021

Digital health certificates

Osler Health International is now ready to issue verifiable digital COVID-19 Pre-Departure Testing (PDT) results to travellers in order to facilitate a more seamless clearance for international travel.

Ahead of the Ministry of Health’s mandate that all clinics in Singapore providing PDT services issue certificates in the digital format to all outbound travellers from 10 February 2021, Osler Health has put in place the necessary processes and is operationally ready to provide these digital certificates which are in line with international standards and the Singapore Government’s HealthCerts requirements.

As part of our Fit-to Fly certification, Osler Health will conduct the required PDT and will issue a verifiable QR code of the test results. Each unique QR code enables airport check-in staff and Singapore immigration authorities to immediately verify the results under MOH’s new digital health verification process.

These digital PDT certificates are an essential component of a safe travel ecosystem solution. They will smoothen and expedite check-in processing and customs clearance at foreign and local immigration checkpoints, especially as Singapore ramps up travel for both inbound and outbound travellers.

For more information on our COVID-19 pre-departure PCR swab test and the Fit-to Fly Certificate, please visit here.
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