COVID Medical Concierge

We are aware that there are many situations regarding individual COVID-19 experiences which may not fit the ‘normal circumstances and that these are causing concern and challenges with regards to your Trace Together “status” which is necessary for living in Singapore.

Having worked closely with the international community, government authorities and the Ministry of Health over the last two years, the Osler Health COVID Medical Concierge team can navigate your personal COVID-19 circumstances to facilitate Trace Together updates for movement around Singapore, pre-travel requirements as well as on-arrival COVID testing issues (eg. VTL, non-VTL, SHN).

With a mobile international community that has started to travel again more frequently, we are now looking after people in situations where they have acquired COVID-19 infection overseas, obtained COVID-19 vaccinations abroad (either 1, 2 or all 3 doses), and COVID infection status becoming positive within the first week of arrival into Singapore. All these circumstances have created many different permutations and scenarios for the individual as well as for the family which you may have found tricky to navigate.

Circumstances that our Osler COVID Medical Concierge Team can assist with may include:

  • Care and advice for those with a current infection or a recent exposure in Singapore using the latest MOH COVID-19 protocols
  • Registration and verification of your vaccinations/booster if these were received overseas
  • Verifying COVID-19 infection/status acquired in Singapore to enable test-free travel to some countries
  • Certificate of Recovery for those infected in Singapore or overseas
  • Registration of recovered status to enable “whitelisting” with MOH
  • Status in Singapore after overseas acquired COVID-19 infection
  • Exemption from COVID-19 booster/extension of COVID-19 booster requirement after infection
  • Appeal to MOH for approval for COVID-19 booster after infection
  • Advice around vaccination for you and your family
  • Help and advice with post-vaccine side-effects
  • Advice on travel protocols and pre-departure testing

If you have a personal circumstance that requires explanation and guidance, please contact us. Our COVID-19 Medical Concierge team, comprising of experienced doctors and nurses, have the knowledge to support the medical requirements of each case, in addition to the ability to appeal to Ministry of Health if escalation is required.

We will arrange a tele-consultation in the first instance with one of our doctors who can assess your situation and advise accordingly. Depending upon your circumstances, you may need to come to the clinic after the consultation for serology tests. requirements.

If you would like our advice or support, please book your tele-consultation now.

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