Certificate of COVID-19 Recovery

If you are making travel plans and have recently tested positive for  COVID-19 infection, you might require a travel document stating that you have recovered from COVID-19. Some countries (e.g. USA) will accept a Certificate of Recovery instead of a Pre-Departure COVID Test.

To obtain a digitally authenticated Certificate of Recovery, you can request for it via www.notarise.gov.sg.  This request is only possible if your infection (diagnosed locally or overseas) has been lodged with the Ministry of Health (MOH).

If you caught COVID-19 abroad and would like help with lodging your infection,  you can schedule a consultation with one of our doctors (either in-clinic or via tele-consultation).  Please note that a serology (blood) test is required to confirm your overseas infection before we can submit your details to the MOH. Once this has been done, you can then proceed to request for a Certificate of Recovery.

Each country defines the validity period and imposes different conditions on the Certificate of Recovery. Therefore, it is imperative that you check the current entry requirements for your travel destination to make sure that this certificate will be accepted for your trip.



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