Children's health clinic in Singapore

A children’s health clinic in Singapore you can trust

A children’s health clinic in Singapore you can trust

Your child’s good health is paramount. Each developmental stage is different and requires knowledge of childhood and adolescent medicine. Moreover, they require kindness and support through these different stages of their life. That’s why partnering with private doctors who are experienced in caring for children of all ages is important. For any children’s health clinic in Singapore, it requires more than a team of experienced doctors. Rather, the success lies in ensuring children feel welcomed and find a connection with their doctor. As such, you should partner with a doctor’s clinic for children that is warm and welcoming.

Doctors welcoming children

Doctors welcoming children

Explore the following range of services to protect children’s health, including:

  • Baby and child growth and developmental assessments – from newborns to teen years
  • Vaccinations – including routine childhood immunisations to keep in line with your home country’s schedule, compulsory vaccinations recommended for those living in Singapore as well as travel vaccinations
  • Newborns and breastfeeding concerns
  • Diagnosis and treatment of common childhood ailments and conditions
  • Teen health assessments – an assessment of growth, development and issues specific to adolescents (including mental health)
  • School medicals and college/pre-university medicals
  • Travel consultations for school trips
Why choose Osler Health?

Why choose Osler Health?

Our private primary care doctors have been with us for a long time. This long-term commitment to Osler Health ensures that your family gets to know your chosen doctor, and conversely, the doctor will get to know your child and understand their health history. This stability is important to excellent family healthcare.

Having practised family medicine in Singapore for many years, our team of private doctors also has a network of reliable specialists and practitioners that we can refer patients to, when necessary.

All doctors care for children each day. However, if you would like support from a specific children’s doctor, you can view the doctor’s directory for more information.

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To safeguard children’s health and ensure their development is on track, a children’s health clinic in Singapore can provide growth and development assessments for all ages, ensuring each child reaches their milestones with the necessary support.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Children’s Health Clinic in Singapore

Osler Health currently offers allergy testing for identifying triggers in children. Our children’s health clinic in Singapore have doctors who carry out allergy treatment and management. They can assess and diagnose allergies in children and provide the appropriate care and guidance to manage allergies in the long run.

Yes, comprehensive developmental assessments for children in Singapore are available as part of the health screening service. Healthcare professionals can assess your child’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development, offering valuable insights and guidance to support their growth and well-being. Should they show signs of developmental delays or issues, private doctors can help provide your child with care and give you advice on how to help your child with their condition.

Absolutely, mental health services are available for adolescents at the clinic. Mental health doctors can assess and address the unique psychological and emotional needs of teenagers. Whether they are experiencing stress, anxiety, depression, or other mental health concerns, they can provide your child with the necessary assessments, interventions, and support to help them navigate these challenges.

Certainly, if your child requires specialised care or treatment beyond our scope of services, we have a network of trusted private doctors to whom we can refer patients. Our goal is to ensure that every patient receives the most appropriate care for their specific medical needs, and we are committed to facilitating referrals to reliable specialists when necessary.

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