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Welcoming a newborn baby to this world is one of the most joyous occasions for every parent. Regular check-ups for your baby and consulting trusted doctors are key in ensuring the sustained health of your infant child. That’s why having doctors who are experienced in family medicine to look after children from newborns upwards can give you peace of mind as your child develops. Your child deserves quality care that promotes their health and development. As such, finding the right clinic that provides physician services in Singapore that meet their unique needs is essential.

Medical services for your baby

At an international medical clinic, you can find the following:


  • Newborn infant care – This service encompasses routine check-ups, feeding guidance, and physician’s advice on infant care practices to support the baby’s growth and development.

General Paediatrics 

  • Care for acutely ill children – Babies can receive prompt medical care to address their needs and ensure optimal recovery.
  • Infant and child development – Physicians can guide parents on children’s growth and development milestones, offering valuable insight that promotes the child’s physical, cognitive, and emotional development.
  • Immunisation – It’s essential that children receive a comprehensive immunisation schedule to protect them from preventable diseases and keep them healthy.
  • Travel medicine – If parents plan to travel with their children, it’s important to get advice from travel medicine doctors on necessary vaccinations, health precautions and other considerations to ensure their safety during the trip.

A welcoming environment for new mothers and babies

At a trusted family care clinic, you can expect a warm and welcoming environment not just for the baby but also for the mother. Having a doctor who understands your and your baby’s needs enables you to make informed choices on your baby’s care. Here are some of the things you can expect from a reliable baby physician clinic: 

  • A dedicated baby changing room in each Singapore clinic which can also be used for private breastfeeding (if you wish). 
  • Basic health screenings for your baby, including weight checks, temperature checks, and more.
  • Vaccinations for common preventable diseases, such as flu, to your baby.
  • Advice on any concerns you may have about yourself and your baby. 

Related Services

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To protect the well-being of infants and support their growth, a physician in Singapore can offer assessments and advice on developmental progress, helping to ensure that every baby thrives and receives the necessary care at each stage of their early life.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Baby Physician Services in Singapore

Osler Health has internationally trained physicians who work in our Singapore clinic. They have the expertise to accommodate the health needs of newborn babies and their mothers, as well as have experience serving both Singaporeans and expats. We have multilingual physicians who work to understand your needs and circumstances to ensure you can get the help that you need.

During a baby check-up, you can expect comprehensive care for both mother and baby. Your physician will provide guidance to ensure optimal health and safety for both. You may receive health screenings, vaccinations, and personalised advice to track your baby’s development and address any concerns you may have about your own well-being as a new mother.

Yes, you can receive vaccinations for your baby at Osler Health. Physicians will administer vaccinations against preventable diseases or for travel purposes. They can also work with you to create an immunisation schedule that aligns with your preferences and ensures your baby receives the necessary protection as they develop.

Absolutely, physicians can support you on your journey as a new mother. They can provide insight and advice about any concerns or questions you may have regarding your and your baby’s health and experiences as a new mother. They can also provide personalised care and guidance to help you navigate this important phase of motherhood.

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