Dr Tashiya Mirando

Dr Tashiya Mirando

MBChB (Sheffield, UK) MRCGP (London, UK)

Location: Raffles Hotel Arcade
Languages: English, Sinhalese
Trained: UK

Recognised for:

Adolescent Health · Allergies · Asthma · Children’s Health · Chronic Disease & Disease Prevention · Contraception/Family Planning · Comprehensive Lifestyle Assessment (Health Screening) · Diabetes · Implanon Procedure · IUD Procedure · Gut Health · Lifestyle Medicine · Men’s Health · Menopause · Minor Surgical Procedures · Sexual Health · Sports Medicine · Travel Medicine · Women’s Health Including PAP Smear ·

“Being a medic for 14 years, living and working abroad, and completing my postgraduate qualifications in London, has given me the confidence and experience to care for various communities from newborns to the elderly, which is the part of General Practice I love. Getting to know and care for the whole family is integral to my practise. Communication and confidentiality continue to be key, and these are two of the best resources at our disposal as doctors, to build trust and relationships.

I am a keen tennis player and believe in exercise, preventative medicine, and wellbeing across all ages, especially during such trying times as the Covid pandemic.

I am excited to join the Osler Health International team – I understand and appreciate the holistic and ethical approach to patient care and look forward to delivering my own excellent practice to the communities in Singapore.”

Dr Tash graduated from the University of Sheffield (UK) in 2008. She completed her Foundation Training in England before relocating to India where she worked as a Medical Officer at the United States Embassy. She returned to London in 2014 in General Practice, where she obtained her MRCGP and attained her membership of the Royal College of General Practitioners in 2017. She has built an extensive portfolio working in both Private and NHS practice settings in London, gaining a wealth of knowledge and experience with specialist interests in Diabetes and Chronic Disease management, Sexual and Men’s and Women’s Health including Contraception, Minor Surgery with joint injections.

Having relocated to Singapore, Dr Tash appreciates the importance of family and family health. This plays a key role in her practice where she cares for entire families from newborn’s to adults.

As a  firm supporter in the education and the protection of children, she supports various charities in the UK and Sri Lanka. As a passionate supporter of women’s health, Dr Mirando is also a member of the British Menopause Society. At the forefront of Osler’s Lifestyle Medicine approach, Dr Mirando is also a member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine.

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